At Escamilla & Poneck, LLP, our school law attorneys have firsthand knowledge and experience with educational policy goals and institutional priorities. Our understanding of the full spectrum of traditional and cutting-edge legal issues facing educational institutions enables us to help clients improve the effectiveness of their organization and achieve their goals.

As a minority-owned law firm, we are also sensitive to the needs of the diverse people and institutions we represent. We offer Spanish bilingual legal services and we respond to the many challenges these clients face by using a proactive approach designed to avoid litigation. This ensures that our clients are using sound practices from the beginning. Our attorneys are able to provide counseling in matters such as:

  • Student Discipline
  • Civil Rights
  • Procurement
  • Budget issues
  • Construction
  • Wrongful termination
  • Special education
  • School finance
  • Real estate
  • Employment practices
  • Litigation

In addition, we also represent our clients in both the state and federal courts of Texas and Louisiana in litigation relating to these issues.

Our Special Education and Section 504 Issues Practice

With a goal of providing effective consultation, advice, strategic planning, and opinions on legal issues affecting disabled students, our education lawyers work to keep our special education and Section 504 clients up to date through training and presentations to school districts.

For questions on issues concerning special education disputes or how we can best represent your school’s changing needs, contact the school law attorneys at Escamilla & Poneck, LLP today.

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