Government Relations


Through Escamilla & Poneck, LLP, we operate an influential government relations practice in the state of Texas focused on effective action.

Escamilla & Poneck, LLP builds alliances to achieve our clients’ business objectives. With a persuasive and significant lobbying presence in Austin, our state government relations teams can assist clients in:

  • Securing appropriations
  • Advocating for strategic legislation
  • Encouraging regulatory changes
  • Guiding policy development
  • Creating special legislation
  • Preventing the passage of undue restrictions
  • Eliminating statutory barriers
  • Developing business opportunities

Representative of our state-based matters in government relations and public policy are:

Career & Technology Association of Texas (CTAT) – Set aside an appropriation of $21 million of state general revenue for career & technology education programs in public schools.

Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented – Advocated legislation allowing the Texas Education Agency Commissioner for the first time to evaluate gifted and talented programs.

Texas Library Association – Pushed legislation that extends the exemption for library acquisitions by junior colleges to assure the same purchasing efficiencies and economies currently enjoyed by state university libraries are also available to junior college libraries.

San Antonio ISD – Defeated a burdensome and cost-prohibitive school closure provision that would have negatively impacted the district.
To schedule an appointment with a Texas local government attorney from our firm, contact us directly at our San Antonio location today.

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